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Discover the City of Panama
Discover the City of Panama

Discover the City of Panama

Come discover the oldest city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, on this three hour tour of Panama Viejo and the Old Quarter of Panama City. With warm sunshine overhead, take in the picturesque surroundings while you explore popular sights showcasing its rich history.
Head out to Panama Viejo, your first stop on an enriching tour. With ancient ruins right along the seashore, you can be transported into a world that existed long ago. View the fascinating stone structures, towers, and cathedral in the area, set against a backdrop of today's modern city with towering skyscrapers. Admire the architecture and construction used to create the structures of this centuries-old city. Hear stories of the city through the years, and of how it grew and thrived and overcame hardships like pirate invasions.
Then make your way back past the modern city and into the Old Quarter. Full of cobble stoned streets lined with multicoloured ornate facades, it is a beautiful section of the city. Also resting seaside, take the time to explore the rich maritime history of the city, and gain insight and understanding to its importance. To understand a land, helps you to better understand a people, so be sure to experience both on this tour. Enjoy the pleasant sights of your surroundings.
With religious, secular, and historic sights along your route, you'll take away an appreciation of the rich and vibrant past of both Panama Viejo and Panama City's Old Quarter.
Spanish and English.