How to make money with Rental Vacation

Embrace  the  season  of  giving  by  providing  some  warmth  and  comfort  for  out-of-town guests,  while  maybe  giving  yourself  the  gift  of  a  holiday  budget  boost.  If you  have extra  space  in  your  home  this  holiday  season,  or  even  a  vacation  home  that  will  be empty,  consider  renting  it  out  on  Airbnb.  Providing  a  home-like  experience  can  help ease  the  stress  of  holiday  travel  for  other  families,  especially  those  with  young children.  Joy  for  them,  joy  for  you.  Becoming an Airbnb host is easy and creating alisting is always free. 
You’ll have the support of fellow hosts and Airbnb’s world-class customer service department to answer your questions along with lots of other tools to help you be successful. Put your extra space to good use, while spreading some goodwill at the same time. 
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